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Welcome to Thrive Wellness Institute! We’re a dedicated team of experts committed to your wellness journey. Our services range from therapy and coaching to training and education, all tailored to your needs. We specialize in naturopathy, preventive medicine, homeopathy, muscle manipulation, ear acupuncture, workplace wellness, and highly discounted Quest out-of-pocket lab’s.

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Client Testimonials

Komal Kaur
Dr. Gagan and Dr. Gurneet are extremely kind, knowledgeable, and skilled. They provide care that is personalized to you and targets root causes of symptoms with the goal of long term sustained health. Their unique style of care combines their expertise and bridges the gap between natural and conventional medicine which is a powerful way to find holistic solutions.
Goldi Singh
Dr. Gurneet is very knowledgeable and at the same time she is passionate about her field of work. She is patient and spends time listening to the issues.
This is the one place to be if you’re looking for a holistic solution to your health issues. Both Dr. Gurneet and Dr. Gagan are highly knowledgeable and skilled in looking deep into the root cause of the issues rather than providing a band aid solution. They also give homeopathic remedies and very high quality supplements. They are both very caring. They are very skilled and compassionate and provide you a lot of time and attention.
Neetu Sethi
We recently consulted Dr. Gurneet. Her feedback was very helpful, thought provoking, inspirational. In two weeks following her recommendations, we already see improvement in our health & well being. Dr. Gurneet is very patient & took the time to understand our concerns and the full picture which showed that she was truly concerned & committed. It put our minds at ease working with her and we highly recommend her services.
About Us

We are an MD and an ND couple, using conventional & natural medicine to empower our patients to achieve optimal wellness and health.

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We’re dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health by connecting you with a doctor who treats the root cause of your illness. By addressing underlying factors, you can take control of your health and achieve true healing.

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